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COGNE ACCIAI SPECIALI offers a wide range of STAINLESS STEEL REBAR (BARS and WIRE ROD with improved bond) for reinforced concrete.
Specific and up-to-date production processes have been especially studied and set up to guarantee, in addition to the optimal heat resistance characteristics of stainless steel, the standard specifications required by different norms. The available dimensions can be used either for static and structural rehabilitation (cold drawn bars up to 12.0 mm round) for the preservation of the architectonic and artistic heritage, or for the construction of new and long-lasting buildings along with transport substructures for civil or military purposes (hot-rolled round bars above 14 mm).

The production of stainless steel rebar for reinforced concrete is in accordance with the ASTM A955M-96 (USA) and BS6744-2001 (UK) specifications. The use of stainless steel rebar for reinforced concrete is laid down in the present Italian specifications (D.M. 9/1/96 and 16/1/96) Technical specifications exist for the calculation, execution and testing of normal and pre-stressed reinforced concrete structures and for metallic structure. Stainless steel can be used when its mechanical properties are equivalent to the stainless steel type FeB44K (minimum tensile strength 540 N/mm2, minimum yield strain 430 N/mm2)

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COMPATIBILITY with other metallic materials used in the building sector and EASY WELDING.