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Products // Process

Significant, research and experience acquired from decades of manufacturing knowledge is the foundation from which Cogne Acciai Speciali has grown, becoming an undisputed leader in the stainless steel long products market.

Powder production has evolved from a research and development programme beginning in 1988; this process has developed from a theoretical exercise to a fully integrated industrial process, and with particular expertise in pre-alloyed powders for hard-facing coatings applied using Oxy-Acetylene, Thermal Spray and PTA.

COGNE powder is inert gas atomised (process that allows the production of spherical, not oxidised, particles with homogeneous chemical composition) and sieved to obtain a precise grain distribution suitable for all applications.

COGNE has developed an integrated team which brings together the skills of Research, Production and Customer Services to support the high quality and the specific requirements of these niche products, satisfying all the customers’ needs in terms of different chemical compositions and grain distribution.