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With placement of the industrial plant that is reflected only in few other Italian steel (BZ, Terni), the factory of Cogne Acciai Speciali work in a production environment in the immediate vicinity of an urban settlement especially important. Already at the time of privatization of the company, the problem of the environmental impact of past situations and it had been the main subject of discussion. Since then, the Cogne has maintained high attention to the environmental problem, by preparing and following up continuous improvement plans and, in more serious cases (such as air emissions), setting of goals even more restrictive of the only legal limits, which also they are the result of the work of coordination between the company, region and Organs technical control. The company maintains a system of voluntary environmental management certificate ISO 14001 ensures that, beyond the simple fulfillment of legal obligations, superior management of all aspects of these issues. This certification, which is valid for three years, was renewed on Feb. 28, 2014.


Cogne Acciai Speciali was certified ISO14001 by IGQ in February 2008 ISO 2014 Policy of quality 2014

Il nuovo Regolamento europeo sulla sicurezza dei prodotti chimici PDF
The new European regulation on Security of Chemical Stuffs PDF
Le nouveau règlement européen sur la sécurité des produits chimiques PDF

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