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Cogne Acciai Speciali started industrial activity in 1911

adopting the name of the place where the iron ore was mined since Roman times.

  • Steel shop produces ingots, blooms, billets, round and flat forged, round by extrusion of seamless tubes and profiles and it is equipped with: EAF UHP, AOD converter, RH degassing, continuous casting (3-4 streets), blooming mill;
  • Forging shop: 2 pull-down oleodynamic presses: 5000 tons and 2000 tons; and GFM SXP 40 hammer machine;
  • Rolling mill makes use of an integrated mill for bars and wire rods and furnaces for heat treatment;
  • Finishing dept. completes the processing cycle producing pickled wire rod, stainless steel bars, rods, and blocks for tools and tool bars for valves of internal combustion engines;
  • Machines shop: CNC machine tools suitable for the productions of pieces up to about 24 m. in length;
  • Powder production unit: air induction furnace, atomization tower in inert gas, ultrasonic vibrating separation machine.